Naturist Campsites in Hungary:

- Lake Balaton, at Balatonberény:
- Lake Balaton, at Balatonakali: Balatontourist
- Sziki, near Szeged:
- Angéla Farm, Nemesbük, near Hévíz, West of lake Balaton: 
- Délegyháza, South of Budapest:
- North of Budapest, in Szigetmonostor:
NEW (2012): In Gárdony, at Lake Velence, between Székesfehérvár and Budapest: Unfortunately, it seems the place won't re-open in 2013.
(Angéla Farm and Szigetmonostor have a swimming pool only, all other places have a beach and access to a lake.) 

Naturist Beaches:

- Lake Velence: There is a tolerated naturist beach at the unused marina in Gárdony (no infrastructure at all). Take Tavirózsa u. to the lake. At the lake, turn left and follow the marina. The first bay is usually empty, you'll find the mixed naturist part at the third bay.
- North of Budapest, at Omszki tó (Budakalász): naturism is no longer tolerated (as of 2012), you can bathe only dressed. Bathing (with or without clothes) at the quarry ponds at the other side of the road is forbidden.
- East Hungary, Debrecen region: Látókép: On the river Tisza, near Hódmezővásárhely:

Naturist sunbathing:

- In Budapest,  Gellért spa also has a naturist terrace for sunbathing (, but you have to get dressed to take a swim. There used to be a naturist corner at the Csillaghegy beach, but naturism isn't tolerated there any more.
- Újpest, at the banks of the Danube, north of the railway bridge: as far as we know, nobody has been fined yet, but going into the river is forbidden.
- In Sturovo (Slovakia), just a walk over the bridge from Esztergom: The Vadas resort has a naturist corner (
- South of Budapest (ca. 1 hour by car): the resort of the quarry pond tolerates naturist bathing (2013):
- South of Hungary: the spa at Magyarhertelend has a naturist terrace:
- Opposite Esztergom, in Sturovo (Slovakia), there is a naturist corner at the Vadas resort (

There is a list of all possible naturist places with gps coordinates here:, including occasional 'wild' beaches and saunas where naturism sometimes may be tolerated. Please note that swimming outside designed areas is forbidden and you may be fined.

During the winter (FKK Saunas and naturist events):

Please note that in most saunas in Hungary you are required to stay dressed - please check with the rules of the house!
- The sauna of the Aquaworld (Budapest) resort ( is naturist at certain times, and the Hotel Ramada just next to it ( has a public sauna that can be used without clothes. There are occasionally naturist sauna events in and around Budapest organised by private persons. I try to keep track of them - check the blog part of this site.
- The Spa at Ráckeve ( organises naturist sauna evenings on Fridays.
- The sauna cabins of Aquasziget ( in Esztergom are to be used naked, but guests are expected to dress for the area outside the cabins.
- In Western Hungary it is possible to use the sauna without clothes in the spas of Bük, Sárvár, Kehida and Szentgotthárd.
- The Sauna of the Spa at Magyarhertelend (near Pécs) can be used naked (altough on the photo, persons are wearing a bathing suit):
- In Budapest, NAVKE ( organises pool parties once a month from October to April (usually in Budapest Kispest), and there is a naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa ( once a month for NAVKE members only. For exact dates, check the blog posts, and please do not forget that you have to register to be able to participate. 


In spring and summer, NAVKE organises canoe excursions, and there is usually a naturist hike in spring and in early autumn. During the summer, of course also the camps organise various events.

Most Hungarian naturist associations are members of the Federation of Hungarian Naturists ( which in turn is a member of the International Naturist Federation (

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